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Why be Normal.

abnorml is not just an adjective, it is an identity. we are abmormls. abnorml is dancing and screaming songs at the top of your lungs when no one's watching. abnorml is submitting assignments at 11:59 pm. abnorml is being insecure. abnorml is being proud. abnorml is not fitting in.

abnorml is being yourself. abnorml is you.



Welcome to abnorml. - a home grown brand made for today’s generation who’s not afraid to go against societal norms and is ready to accept themselves as they are more than ever. Born from the creative minds of visionary designers, illustrators, strategist, researchers and procrastinators;) 

design philosophy

At abnorml, our design philosophy revolves around capturing what goes on in young minds and translating it into wearable art. We believe in celebrating diversity, embracing self-expression, and empowering individuals to express their unique personalities through fashion. We pay attention to the issues we live in today. Our designs, like our creators too, are culturally aware.

authenticity matters

Each design is meticulously crafted, starting from ideation to the final product, ensuring that every piece tells a story and reflects the brand's commitment to authenticity. Our attention to detail and use of high-quality materials ensure that every garment exudes style and durability, making it a must-have addition to your wardrobe.

distinctive designs

abnorml. is unapologetically bold and effortlessly cool. Our team of talented designers draw inspiration from the streets, art movements, and subcultures worldwide, resulting in a diverse range of styles that cater to every fashion enthusiast. With us, you don't just wear clothes; you wear art<3

sustainable & ethical practices

abnorml. is aware of the harms being caused to planet earth which is why it tries its best in creating product that not only makes you happy, but our earth too. we use a print-on-demand strategy, with a zero-inventory concept. we have tried to cut down on earth-harming chemicals wherever we can.

Join us today, by signing in, buying, whatever fits. Stop comparing, start speaking up. Be loud, be bold, BE AN ABNORML!

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